Friday, 13 December 2013

The Synthetic Quality

Still (tegning/drawing) From the video The Synthetic Quality

The Synthetic Quality

The work is made entirely from still images.
It deals with the phenomenon of Verfremdung and demonstrates principles
of “set-ups”; numerous images and sequences are visualisations of a kind of scene 
changing and displacements in both time and space – as when colours change by means 
of a trick, theatrical illusion, or sleight of hand, or, for instance, when the sky above a hill
suddenly turns black as if a set piece was removed by an invisible stage hand. The
soundtrack plays a part in all this, certain sounds are completely out of synch or
seemingly arbitrary; the sound of water, for instance, a repeated motif, is without
obvious logical connection to the sequence of images. There are also sounds that 
seem to come from behind the set such as the sound of keys locking a door and footsteps 
down a stairway; maybe these sounds are made by a scene technician locking the place up and
going down the stairs - and home.
The video deals not only with itself but also with the manipulative and fake methods that we are 
all presented with and subjected to in almost all visual narratives in mainstream culture in which 
all elements, no matter how alien they are to one another, are brought together in a synthesis 
that, on the face of it, is persuasive and “true”.
Lars Buchardt, 2013.

Watch here:


Galerie Sherin Najjar, Berlin (videos shown both inside and outside the gallery )

Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung

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