Sunday, 22 December 2013

Fred L’Epee - filmmaker - artist statement

Fred L’Epee

Artist Statement

“In my personal path as artist, I always see our being as an eternal procession. We belong to the process of the geometry of universe. Abstraction with forms and indefinite lines towards an ultimately unknown destination. The narrative of human being. As a post- atomic myth or pre-war blues. We always choose the sense of belonging and farewell.

We belong of our movements which are expansion of our cycles. The structure of our human geometry. Time is the rotation of our existence.

As well the distance is a perpetual geometry which controlling our way of life, the perception of our cogitation. In response, we create the movement. Through this movement, we use the memory into our psycho- affective system in the purpose to imagine our freedom, our cries, our drifts, our social struggles. In exile, all we are. We belong to this path. And we use it as an ultimate form of being. The Ideal is definitely established.

This movement is related to the circulation of our emotional system. Through this, here is the path of our metamorphosis. Without this; world is nothing.”




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