Sunday, 22 December 2013

Algorithm modulus of Image by Fred L’Epee

Algorithm modulus of Image
Aspect   Concept   Mediation

The experimental visual art is currently a cultural necessity in the sociological concept of our being. This is an emotional matrix as well as in our need for identity in parallel to our contemporary expression.

In addition to its form and its content, experimental visual art is an alternative tool that allows common
access and who redefined the archaic laws of an elitist cinema. Touching the image becomes perception, animation, composition of the emotional decomposition.

Visual art also allows to create neo-movements such as physical, mental, psychological; and metaphysical.

Attractiveness  Interactivity  Expressiveness

It is a transdisciplinary medium conveying our emotions by its multi-disciplinary forms and opening   
important gates in our current culture. Its design deliberating the simultaneous and spontaneous perspectives in perfectly consistent with our algorithm lifestyle.

The image is an  immutable human ressource. In its generality, Visual experimentation is a transposition which alterates into an evolutive abstraction. The creation and its renaissance. Genesis.  Art evolving, enables us to evolve in a total parallel. Perpetual oxygenation for our mind and our body.

In this impossible world, experimental visual arts allows us the possibility. The image is a force field whose experimental uses have no gravity. Paradox for a world order. The cause of a vital need of a necessity for a language and common access. Currently, this is what we seek.  Social interaction; and cultural connectivity are key words. Here is the art mediator.

‘The Image of the awake consciousness’.

Fred L'Epee
Artist + Film maker




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